Our Story

The firm started its operation in Bengaluru; the brand today has over two years’ presence in the market and is growing steadily. In this journey of, the firm has not only been appreciated by the clients but has also garnered the support of many such professionals.

Chartered Associates is based and operates out of city of Bengaluru. However, the firm does enjoy the support of extended offices in Chennai, Mumbai, New Delhi, and Kolkata; more out of the past connections and obligations of the Partners of the firm.

Our Team

We are a trust based, non-hierarchical, democratic organization that leverages research and knowledge to deliver extraordinary value to our clients.

The team is brought together to coordinate all activities of the firm with the positive binding culture at Chartered Associates. The professionals comprise of Chartered Accountant, Company Secretaries, lawyer and MBA. Our Associates are predominantly graduates and we are having a young vibrant group who bring in energy, lateral thinking with a combination of strategy and action. The team comprises 6 members being Company Secretary(s), Chartered Accountants.